Michael Brennan's Iconic '1977' photo of Muhammad Ali

Legendary boxing commentator Jim Lampley discusses Michael Brennan’s ‘1977’ image of Muhammad Ali

“Michael Brennan’s iconic 1977 portrait photograph of Muhammad Ali captures something far bigger and deeper than just the beautiful face of a beautiful man. It is a detailed map of the personal journey of one whose incomparable talents and audacity caused literati to swoon, taught a generation to question authority, and ultimately altered the path of a society which had never before seen a man exactly like him. For tens of millions of us born as baby boomers, the gradual dissolution of the power portrayed in tho se features has both embodied and reflected the gradual dissolution of our youth. To look at him the way he was then is to remember, with joy and sorrow, who we all once were.”

Jim Lampley
Boxing commentator, HBO Sports

September 25, 2014 by Chris Forney